Yohann Schepacz

Yohann Schepacz

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Country * Canada


Availability: Freelance


OXAN is an art studio based in Montreal, Canada, created in 2012 by artists Yohann Schepacz and YanLi.

The seeds of their creative collaboration sprouted in Shanghai in 2010, and have since grown and flourished as they have traveled from Berlin to Montreal, working on a myriad of projects to provide a wide variety of high-end visual solutions and assets to the entertainment industry worldwide.

Check out the Portfolio section to get an in-depth look at their works, or the Quick Look for a summary of their skills! :)

Services include:

- Concept art - Production painting - Storyboards
- Illustration - Marketing art - Cover art

For any inquiries, feel free to use the form below or please reach out to the studio manager directly at : yohann@oxanstudio.com


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